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A Brief History...

Water was pumped as far back as 1907, as part of Beckley Light & Power Co., but incorporation did not take place until 1928.

In 1928 W.A. Stanley, C.C. Farmer, Festus Scott, A.C. Harvey, Mr. Foster and others acquired the water distributions assets of Beckley Light & Power Co. (now American Electric Power). Stock in Beckley Water is closely held by fewer than 100 shareholders. Many are descendents. A majority of the shares is held in the W.A. Stanley Trust, and Matthew W. Stanley and Chase Bank serve as Trustees.  Mr. Matthew W. Stanley is a grandchild of W.A. Stanley and is President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

In the 20's and 30's water rights were secured from New River Co. to help dewater Beckley's many underground water sources. Some 60 years later, history would have a way of repeating itself with the Sweeneysburg Water Plant.

In 1941, land was bought along Glade Creek and excavation began on a dam and new plant adjacent to Pluto Road, impounding water from Glade Creek, Cooper's Creek, and other fresh water sources. Aeration, sedimentation and filters were modern features of this plant. The original plant has had many additions over the years.  In 1977 an additional dam was constructed between the original dam and Flat Top, on Glade Creek, drawing from fresh water sources and springs holding another ½ billion gallons, making above ground storage about 1 billion gallons.

By the mid 80's Wilmer Stanley and Jack Vickers (Engineering Officer) saw the need for more water. Beckley's demand by 1987 had gone to roughly 9.0 million gallons per day. Under drought conditions of '87 and '88, the pressing need for another source within a feasible distance became paramount.

Relying on a lifetime history, Mr. Stanley and Mr. Vickers secured veteran underground water engineer Tom Howard. The original casing was in place so the Sweeneysburg Water Plant contract was let. Increased piping for future capacity was also installed, including transmission, distribution and storage facilities to accommodate the new alternative source along with the new plant.  The Sweeneysburg construction for the future water needs beyond the year 2000 was an enormous undertaking in '93-'94. But progress was none too soon, for already burgeoning Beckley.

Upon the successful completion and operation of the additional plant came the need for office space. Not just space, but space that would meet the National Disabilities Act for the contact personnel. Rather than pull out of downtown, management opted for a massive rehab project. The building has won the Best Rehab Exterior and certainly is aesthetically nice enough to accommodate most any type of business. More importantly, the renovation in 1998 of the Beckley Water Company office serves as a shining example of investment to the downtown area.

With over 500 miles of pipe, Beckley Water Company serves either directly or indirectly an estimated 70,000 people.  The corporation distributes around 3.5 billion gallons a year to the ever increasing canvas of Raleigh County including resale to five other entities.

Beckley Water Company looks forward to meeting the growing needs of our community by providing quality water to Raleigh County.

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