Lead Reduction Program

“Beckley Water Company is committed to getting the lead out and protecting our customers”

To learn more about what Beckley Water Company is doing in compliance with the EPA`s Lead/Copper Reduction Rule (LCRR), please click on the items below.

While the water leaving our treatment facility is lead-free, lead can get into the water through lead-containing household fixtures, plumbing, paint that contains lead, and lead service lines.

If you would like to see the status of your home based on Beckley Water Company`s Records, please click on the map below.

If you need assistance using the map, please contact our main office.

If your home is “unknown,” this means that we currently have no records for your home. Please take the time to fill out our customer plumbing survey to help us obtain this information. To learn how to do this, you can watch the videos below and fill out the survey.

▪ The water service line assistance form

Water Service Line

Scratch Test

A service line is the line that runs from the main water line to the inside of your home. Most service lines will be Copper, Galvanized, or Plastic material.
If you would like our field team to come out and inspect the material of your pipe, please fill out this form: *customer service line assistance form* or call the main office at 304-255-5121.
You can determine the material of your water service line by referring to our guide above and by performing the scratch/magnet test. Please watch the short video below to learn how to do this.
At the bottom of this page, please have the text, “IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL US AT LCRR@BECKLEYWATER.COM OR CALL THE OFFICE AT 304-255-5121.
“Beckley Water Company has a field crew going door-to-door to collect information about your home`s water service lines. This information is being collected in compliance with the EPA`s Lead/Copper Rule Revisions. To see where our crews will be on a daily basis, please click on the map below and enter your address.

Water Service Line Assistance

Use the button below to request help for finding the location of your home’s water service line.

Customer Plumbing Survey

Due to recent changes in the Lead and Copper Rule mandated by the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR)/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Beckley Water Company is now required to collect vital information from each customer about their home’s plumbing. The information we are targeting is the service line which is found from the water meter to your shut-off valve or 18 inches passed the foundation (whichever comes first). Thank you for your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter.

*Use the diagram below to assist you in completing the survey.

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