For Customers Needing Service at an Existing or Established Meter Point

If you are an existing customer, your service may be transferable after review of your account and approval of office personnel. Please contact us for additional requirements which may be applicable pending your request.

  • Please have your valid Driver’s License or a valid Picture ID card.
  • The amount required for your billing deposit, $30.00(cash or check only).
    • Billing deposit is applicable to territory established in rate tariff.
    • Commercial Accounts – $50.00 and up, according to what type of business you’re opening.
  • Your Lease (Rental) Agreement if you are renting the residence or business.
  • Your Landlord’s name and  current phone number.
  • The physical address of the residence or business where you are requesting service.
    • Note:  Physical address will not be a P.O. Box, but the street name and number.
    • Please have the previous owner or renter’s name.
  • A current (in service) phone number where we can contact you.
  • Receipt showing that sewer service has been established with applicable sewer district for requested water service.

If You are Not an Existing Beckley Water Company Customer

You will need to come to our office and the following is required or needed to establish service, including additional requirements which may be applicable pending your request.

Instructions for New Construction (residential and Commercial), Irrigation, Fire Lines and RPZ installations are available upon request. Please call (304) 255-5121.

*All new accounts require customer’s signature

*All accounts need to be paid up to date

We will not share your personal information