1The section to left of the perforation of the bill is the portion you need to return with your payment.

2 The reading date is applicable to the current bill indicated by the code WA.  The additional dates are applicable to their particular or related code.

3 The consumption is derived by subtracting the previous reading whether actual “A” or estimated “E” from the current reading whether actual “A” or estimated “E”.

4 The bill amount is then calculated by applying the appropriate tariff to the consumption.

5 The area for any messages to the customer from Beckley Water Company.

6 The amount due after the due date will reflect a penalty to be assessed for being late.

7 The bill needs paid by this date to avoid penalties or disconnection because of non payment or insufficient payment.

8 The total is the result or net of all of the transactions which have occurred based on each line as indicated by each code.

9 This is your account number.

10 This is a summary of your billable name and address and account number to allow Beckley Water Company to apply credit of amount received to the proper account when returned with payment.

11 This is the billable name and address.