1. Payment Information

Detach this paystub and return with your payment. On this paystub, you will find the total amount due and bill due date.  Total amount may include previous unpaid balances if payment was made after bill was issued.  Please write the payment amount in the space provided.  If any changes to your account are needed please fill out the back of the stub.

2. Customer Account Information

Account Holder Name, Service address and Account Number

3. Account Summary

A summary of your water account, including the amount of your prior bill, any payments made in the past billing cycle and any remaining balance, as well as service-related charges, taxes and total amount due

4. Important account Messages

We often include important notices and information

5. Payment Methods

This section contains different methods to pay your bill.  The Scan to Pay QR Code is located in section 1

6. Meter Readings

This section includes your meter information such as meter Number, total water used and past usage.  5.1 equals to 5100 gallons.