A water meter is a measuring device that records how much water you use. This enables us to calculate our charges for water. The meter will measure the water you use in gallons. Minimum bills are issued for active accounts for up to 2,000 gallons.

The water meter is in a meter box, typically just inside your property line at the street right of way. The meter and all associated fittings belong to Beckley Water Company. If something goes wrong inside the meter box, we will replace or repair the meter, and fittings, at no cost to you. A meter is to have unrestricted access, allowing Beckley Water Company to read, repair, perform routine maintenance, and replace the meter when necessary.

Normally we will read the meter every month, and you will receive a bill for water that you have used. However, if there are circumstances that prevent us from reading, you will receive a bill for an estimate of your water use. Your estimate will be based on your history of water usage. Keep in mind that an estimate is not as accurate as an actual reading, and your bill may seem too low or too high, but not to worry, it will correct itself after the next actual reading is performed.

If you receive a bill that is higher than usual, it could be an indication of a leak on your property, or in your home, but first consider conditions and activities that will cause an increase in your bill, such as filling your swimming pool, additional people staying in your home, or letting water drip during cold months to prevent freezing. If there is no explanation for your high bill, you may call our office and arrange for us to check the meter for indications of a leak.

Your service line runs from the meter into your dwelling. This line is considered your (or your landlord’s) property. Therefore, if a leak occurs in the service line, Beckley Water Company is not responsible for locating and/or repairing the leak, or replacing the service line. However, if a leak occurs on a main line in your area, Beckley Water Company will promptly make necessary repairs. A leak on a main line does not increase your bill, but your diligence in reporting a leak is helpful. So if you suspect a leak, please call our office with the address nearest to the leak.

Before a meter is set, a test is required to make sure the meter is working properly, but occasionally a meter will malfunction. When this happens, the meter will either completely stop registering water use or will register an amount that is less than what you are actually using. Broken meters typically do not register a usage higher than what you are actually using. If you suspect a broken meter, call our office at once for a meter check.

Please do not attempt to repair, alter, or tamper with the meter or any of the associated fittings inside the meter box. A cost will be applicable to damages occurring from anyone other than a Beckley Water Company employee working inside the meter box or attempting to gain access to water without having a meter properly installed.

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